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Radiant Publication FAQ | Radiant Publication FAQ | Radiant Publication


  • What is Radiant Publications?

Radiant Publication is an online and offline platform for authors to self-publish their written work and sell it worldwide.

  • How does it Work?

We have a simple publishing process for all no surprises just easy to write, easy to publish and easy to sell more and more books, first you have to create an account from the log-in; fill up your details, upload your manuscript, choose a package then soon our people will reach to you by phone or e-mail an publishing project manager will be assigned to you who will help you in every possible way to achieve your goal. Paying for a package is an online payment form through our buy now cart on the website, if you don’t wish to pay online simply sends a DD cheque to our given address, NEFT, or even cash.

  • Who Owns the Copyright?

Only you and you are the owner of the copyright of your work. We will register your work in the name of you only. Hence under copyright act 2012 from the government of India, no one may reprint or republish your work without your permission.

  • What is ISBN Number?

International standard book number is assigned to text-based monographic publications. Is an identity for the book made publicly available, whether for sale or on a gratis basis, can be identified by ISBN.

  • Who decides the MRP of the Book?

You only decide the MRP of the book after letting you know the printing cost of the book by us.

  • How Many Days it will take to Publish My Book?

An average of 40 days it may take to publish and distribute worldwide.

  • How many days my Book will sell on Radiant Publication?

As many days our life is there we will sell your book till the end of the world but you may take or remove your book from us as the copyright owner is always you.

  • How much profit Sharing will I get and How?

The maximum profit sharing with you is 80% and the minimum is 70%. We pay the profit to you on the monthly bases on your bank account.

  • How does Communication work with Radiant Publication?

You may even try telepathy with us but we do our best for the communication between the two of us talking will never be a problem for pre and post publishing.

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