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Radiant Publication Services | Radiant Publication Services | Radiant Publication


ISBN and Copyright
  • ISBN allocation
  • International standard book number is assigned to text-based monographic publications. Is an identity for the book made publicly available, whether for sale or on a gratis basis, can be identified by ISBN.

    Rs. 2999

  • Copyright Registration
  • Copyright Registration is the ensuring ownership right to receive royalties for authors under the amendment of the copyright act 2012 from the government of India. Once your work is verified from the copyright office of India you will be provided with your copyright certificate.

    Rs. 2999

Editing & Design
  • Custom cover design
  • Custom graphic design work for the creative book cover design.

    Rs. 6000

  • Custom artwork covers design
  • Professional artists design artwork if you need more custom.

    Rs. 15000

  • Interior design
  • Decorating the interior font style and design format makes your book looks smart.

    Rs. 10000

  • E-book
  • An electronic book is a digital format, consisting of text, images both readable on computers or other electronic devices.

    Rs. 6000

  • Proof Reading
  • Proof reading is the final stage of your content editing. Content really matters and it should be without any spelling errors, punctuation errors and grammatical errors, a revision is always must to your content and proof reading includes everything.

    Upto 35000 words Rs. 10000
    More than 35000 word Rs. 20000
  • Editing & Copy Editing
  • Copy editing sometimes abbreviated is the work done by an editor does to improve the formatting, style and accuracy of the text. Editing might involve changing the content of the text.

    Upto 35000 words Rs. 40000
    More than 35000 word Rs. 60000

Hashtag Promotions is a social media advertising platform making & bringing products to masses & do branding. Radiant Publication has a tie up with to make the authors books more advertised and a branding of the authors name and the book may be done by them through their way of continuously writing about the author and his/her book on the cyber world as itself becomes a huge mass communicator.

As your book is once published by us Radiant Publication a Hashtag Promotions marketing manager will connect you through mail or phone and will be getting more about your book and you, what to write on their social media platform. Twitter is one of the main social media platform one among the others medium as here they promote your tweet and write about yours with the Hashtag 6 times an hour and 144 times a day to help you reach as many masses as possible. So every minute somebody will know about you and your book continuously and you may sit back home and sleep.

One week promotions- Rs. 1386
Two week promotions-Rs. 3150
One month promotions-Rs. 5670
Two month promotions-Rs 11340
Three month promotions- Rs. 17010

Book Marketing
  • Web domain name registration is the identity to your world web address.
  • Rs. 1500

  • Website and hosting are the designing part for your website and making it online.
  • Rs. 3500

  • Fully web development for website with coding, hosting and domain registration.
  • Rs. 30000 for standard
    Rs. 50000 for premium
  • Book video trailer to present your books story in a form of a motion picture.
  • Rs. 20000

  • Posters are the best medium of presenting your book and telling people around you in your area.
  • Rs. 5000

  • Business card is your contact and informational form which helps in your business.
  • Rs. 500

  • Sticker or Bookmarks is an etc accessory’ to your book.
  • Rs. 1500

  • Online press release is the written statement about your book to the masses from the press.
  • Rs. 5000

  • National library supply is the sending your book there.
  • Rs. 1000

  • IIT & IIM supply is sending your book in their book cube collections.
  • Rs. 10000

  • Facebook advertisement is the promotional paid service done to promote your book by facebook.
  • Rs. 5000

  • News channel coverage of your book as a news byte.
  • Rs. 40000

  • Book review done by book critics.
  • Rs. 20000

  • Social media contest with five goodie bags is the contest done on social media where people come and see the contest take part in it and winner get the pize.
  • Rs. 15000

Book Distribution
  • India online distribution
  • We sell your book in paperback and hardcase to the entire e-commerce websites in our Indian e-commerce market like Filpkart, Amazon India, Bookadda, Infibeam, Radiantstore, Paytm and many more.

    Rs. 1000

  • International/Worldwide online distribution
  • We sell your book paperback and hardcase worldwide to the entire e-commerce websites around the world like Amazon U.K, Amazon USA, Amazon Canada, Amazon Australia and many more.

    Rs. 4000

  • E-book worldwide online distribution
  • We sell your E-book on worldwide platform like Amzon kindle, Google play, kobo, Inkbok, Ingram and many more.

    Rs. 2000

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